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The 3 steps to better renting

Make a request
You make a request

Submit a rental request with your own requirements & details.

Find matches
Umanest finds a match

Your home search and profile is shared with local agents in the area.

Receive offers
You receive offers

You start receiving offers matching your criteria via phone or email.

Why using Umanest for your home search?

Save time and money
Save time and money

No longer make an enquiry for a property when it's too late. Create your request and simply let Umanest work for you and contact agents, so you save time and money by avoiding all that running around.

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Get access to off-market deals
Get access to off-market deals

Get access to the properties that never get listed online because someone else has made a matching enquiry too early. Agents love those early enquiries because they can avoid the whole property listing process as well.

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Stand out as a good tenant
Stand out as a good tenant

A proactive approach and a great tenant profile makes you stand out. Create your profile, add your rental history, connect your references. You can be confident as you give answers to all your landlord’s questions, right from the start of the relationship.

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“When I relocated for work with my family, it was really hard to find the time to handle everything. The most time-consuming task definitely being looking for a new home. I loved the proactive approach of Umanest, and it worked for us."

James, Napier

“We were looking for a new house with an extra bedroom for our growing family. It felt like we were always either too late or competing with too many. We finally got a call from an agent through Umanest for a property that ticks our boxes. Best thing: it wasn't even listed yet!"

James, Napier
East Auckland